ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Flames ripped through an RV in Adams County and killed a married couple’s pet and destroyed everything they own. It’s been a few weeks and they’re still trying to pick up the pieces after falling on hard times.

Sarah Dominguez and Forrest Burns spent their savings, $15,000, on an Aspen Trailer three years ago and in the blink of an eye, it was gone and declared a total loss. The fire sparked last month and for weeks the couple has had nowhere to go and tells FOX31 they’ve been sleeping in their car.

The RV is now reduced to rubble. It was once filled with memories and is now filled with black debris, ash and burnt belongings after fire gutted it on May 12 at White Rock Motel & RV Park.

“It sucks,” Dominguez cried. “Everything I’ve ever known is gone.”

Dominguez and Burns are leaning on each other for support after losing their home and their beloved rottweiler, named Garmr, in the fire. Their other dog, a Doberman named Finn, survived. The couple is now only left with a few charred items, including their late dog’s collar, a burned notebook and a few pins. Dominguez began to cry as she showed FOX31 what she was able to salvage of her parents’ ashes.

“This use to be my mom,” said Dominguez. “You can see some of her ashes there.”

Flames ripped through an RV in Adams County and killed a married couple’s dog, Garmr, and destroyed everything that Sarah Dominguez and Forrest Burns own.

Electrical problems questioned after RV fire

Burns relived the nightmare day and explained how quickly things changed on May 12.

“It was a horrific event,” Burns said. “We just ran down the street to pick up a buddy who needed a ride and by the time we got back, we were at 100% engulfed in flames.”

The damage was too much for the couple to bare and has turned their lives upside down. They say they have nowhere to go and have been forced to sleep in their car for weeks.

“I just want my life back,” Dominquez cried. “I want my family back.”

Burns says they do have a friend who will hopefully allow them to say in an RV when it becomes available, but they aren’t sure when that will be and right now they don’t have a choice but to stay in their car.

In the meantime, the couple does not have insurance and has run out of options. They created a GoFundMe page hoping for support during this terrible time as they grieve their dog and home.

They also shared that they’ve had several electrical problems at the RV park since they’ve lived there. Adams County Fire officials have confirmed the cause of the fire as electrical.