‘Country club’ shooting range would serve alcohol under the same roof

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — A shooting range set to open in Lakewood later this year plans to serve alcohol under the same roof.

The Gallery Sportman’s Club and Range owners Megan and Mark Hymanson describe the business as a range in the style of a “country club,” featuring a restaurant, bar and café. Their business model is primarily focused on memberships that offer an entertainment-style experience.

“We thought this market would be the perfect place for that,” Megan said. “With 15 dedicated lanes to learn how to train with awesome, high-tech equipment for people who are novice shooters or expert and to really hone in on their craft and focus on the sport.”

She said they’re committed to creating a safe, family-friendly environment. The bar portion of the club will be separate from the shooting range.

“We will ensure that you’re not going to go drink some sort of alcoholic beverage and then go out to the range and try to shoot. All our doors to the range are controlled access, so we actually have to let you in,” Mark said.

The Hymansons plan to use an ID scanning system at the bar that will lock any individual out of the range for the rest of the day once they’ve consumed alcohol.

FOX31 received a comment from a viewer, who called the business model a “bad idea.” As of Wednesday, the City of Lakewood clerk’s office received one comment on the matter. It’s unclear if that comment is positive or negative feedback.

“We totally understand concerns. We’re more than open to answering questions from anyone at any time. We are showing that we are very community-based,” Mark said.

The couple said they’ve consulted with other similar clubs in states like Texas, Oklahoma, California and Georgia.

Their liquor license hearing is scheduled for Aug. 26. If the license is approved, they plan to open before the end of the year.

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