DENVER (KDVR) — A new specialty license plate is making its way through the Colorado Capitol, and it’s a must-have for any paleontology fan.

Senate Bill 23-145 is currently under consideration and would create a license plate known as the “Protect Colorado’s Fossils” plate. It features the stegosaurus, a four-legged herbivore that was designated as the official fossil of Colorado.

The Jurassic-themed plate is sponsored by Sen. Jessie Danielson, Sen. Lisa Cutter, Rep. Tammy Story and Rep. Brianna Titone.

According to sponsor Danielson, if the bill is approved, each sale of the fossil license plate will benefit Dinosaur Ridge located in Morrison. Dinosaur Ridge is home to the world’s first Stegosaurus discovery back in 1877.

Fossil license plate
A new bill at the Capitol would create a specialty license plate featuring Colorado’s state fossil. (Sen. Jessie Danielson)

The sponsors of the bill want the plate to raise awareness about protecting Colorado’s fossils.

On Tuesday, Senate Bill 23-145 passed out of the Senate on its third reading with a vote of 27-7. Now the bill is being introduced into the House.

If signed by the governor, the plates will be made available by Jan. 1, 2024. Those who wish to purchase the specialty plate must make a donation to Dinosaur Ridge, pay the standard motor vehicle fee and pay two $25 fees for the issuance of the plate.