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DENVER — Just before sunrise Tuesday, the controversial culling of Canada geese continued in Denver parks.

Viewer cellphone video shows park rangers rounding up dozens of geese at Garfield Lake Park and placing them in orange crates on the back of a truck.

Denver Parks and Recreation and the USDA have been given permission to capture and kill 2,200 Canada geese, citing safety concerns with goose aggression and with feces in parks.

“I was running here on the path and I got blocked off by some cones,” said Colton Barnhart. “There were a couple guys basically out in little canoes, and they tried to round up as many geese as they could, and they had them sectioned off into orange construction stuff.”

Canada geese are unable to fly this time of year because of their molting process, which involves growing new feathers for the fall.

“They just kind of picked them up and put them in crates as they were screaming, and just drove off,” said Barnhart.

The city has received plenty of backlash for the decision, including protests at parks.

A spokesperson for Denver Parks and Recreation said it has requested the USDA donate the meat to hungry families in Colorado. However, it remains unclear whether that is actually happening.

A permit obtained by FOX31 also says the trapping requires a direct threat to human safety, and that trapping can not be used “for situations in which migratory birds are merely causing a nuisance.”

Calls to the USDA on Tuesday were not returned.