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LOUISVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) — The woman who organized what she’s calling a “concierge service” for fire victims said it all started between old friends from high school in the Boulder area.

A vacant storefront near Mudrock’s Tap and Tavern in Louisville is not so vacant anymore.

“We lost everything,” Marshall Fire victim Jody Ringle said. “All I had was the clothes. My husband was out of town in Fort Collins.”

Thanks to the generosity of people participating, fire victims can pull what they need from shelves.

“I mean, I walked out with slippers, so I didn’t even own a pair of shoes,” Ringle said.

The need is great and the merchandise is going to good use.

“We were in Florida and we just got this text message saying, ‘Hey! There’s a fire,'” fire victim Mikka Nielsen said.

Mikka and her sister, Hope, lost everything, including a beloved family pet.

“My bunny was in the house and my dad said he died in peace,” Mikka said.

Those reassuring words from a parent are just part of the comfort these girls are receiving, much of it is now coming from their neighbors.

“It’s a miracle how everyone’s just trying to come as a community and just bringing all this stuff and giving it to other people that lost their house,” Mikka said.

Group organizers said right now, they’re only taking donations in the form of coats, boots and gift cards.

Much of what was lost in the fires was winter clothing, so this group is helping people replace those items.

Anyone interested in helping their cause can do by bringing donations to Mudrock’s Tap and Tavern in Louisville.