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LAFAYETTE, Colo. (KDVR) — A local concert this weekend will support the Police Unity Tour, a national bike ride to honor officers killed in the line of duty.

Face Vocal Band is an internationally acclaimed all-vocal rock band from Boulder. They will perform at Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette this Sunday to raise money for the Colorado team of cyclists.

“It’s always an honor, always humbling when we get called to support these kinds of events. It’s near and dear to our hearts when it’s a part of our community,” Mark Megibow said. “Honoring our heroes in blue is an important thing. We get the fun part. We get to rock the stage for a couple hours, and just remembering the event from past years, really looking forward to it.

“Picture upbeat happy rock music,” he continued. “What you see on stage is five guys with microphones. We’re making all the sounds with our voices. I’m the drummer in quotes. I do all the drumming with beatbox sounds but it’s high energy, a lot of fun.”

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Bellaman Hee, a Colorado State Patrol trooper who was critically injured by a carjacker in 2015, has taken part in the bike ride to the nation’s capital twice.

“It is 2,700 officers riding 250 miles into Washington D.C. to pay tribute to fallen officers. Our motto is, ‘We ride for those who died.’ Over 25,577 officers have died since 1776 to present. In 2021, Colorado lost 9 officers in the line of duty, including Eric Talley and Gordon Beasley. Seven others died from COVID. It’s heart-wrenching because we have lost them, but it’s heartwarming we still have people that still believe in the thin blue line and like the Face Vocal Band who support us and help advocate for those officers,” Hee said.