DENVER (KDVR) — Snow has arrived to Colorado. If you have ever driven in the snowy conditions, then you know how dangerous some days can be.

The Colorado State Patrol said it is important to remember that a little courtesy can go a long way.

“Bad weather is inevitable, so let’s do our best to keep ourselves – and others – as safe as possible. A little courtesy (and some reduced speeds) can go a long way,” CSP shared.

CSP said this is a quick reminder for those concerned with slower drivers in poor conditions this winter:

“That driver could be a 16- or 17-year-old, new driver, experiencing snow for the first time behind the wheel, and just doing their best to make it home from school or work.”

“The van in front of you might be a carpool full of kiddos with a concerned driver doing what they can to protect young life in their car.”

“The driver could be exhausted from working extra overtime to afford proper tires for the season.”

“Maybe the driver was not as safe before and got into a crash the last time it snowed, so they are a little apprehensive and playing it safe this time to not repeat mistakes.”

CSP said that regardless of who is driving or in the vehicle, a little patience and consideration go a long way in keeping everyone safe.

“We are all doing our best; that just looks a little different to each of us.”

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