DENVER (KDVR) — It’s been nearly two weeks since the shooting just feet from the front steps of East High School that left a 16-year-old fighting for his life. Now, parents of students are asking for more safety.

John Menges’s son is a sophomore at East High. He says he’s been concerned for a while, but now with the shooting earlier this month just outside of the school that critically injured Luis Garcia, his concerns are heightened.

“The students need more than another voice, they need another resource. When they’re asking for help and they do nothing what does that tell them? I don’t think that’s acceptable and I just feel like there are a lot of resources in the community that can surface in and come together to help them,” Menges said.

Menges wants more done and his goal now is to try and connect with other parents who share these concerns.

“We get phone calls and text messages from the school as a reaction to what’s occurred that day. We need to be more proactive, and I feel like the parents have an opportunity to come together and be another resource for the school,” Menges said. “If that’s what it takes, then that’s what it takes.”

And he’s not alone. Students from East High spoke at Denver City Council last week voicing these same concerns.

Menges says he’s speaking in the hopes that these connections will lead to change to help his son and the rest of the school feel safe.

“My goal is to create leadership from the bottom up, so let the students have a voice,” Menges said. “Survey them, let them say what would make them feel safer at the school, and then make the leaders put it in action with a timeline.”