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DENVER (KDVR) — FOX31 obtained licensing documents for Isborn Security Services LLC, the company stating it is responsible for contracting Denver rally shooting suspect Matthew Dolloff.

The company has an active security guard business license that does not expire until Sept. 10, 2021. 

According to the city, there is no record found for any individual other than Matthew Isborn, the company’s owner, being licensed or applying for an individual security guard license with Isborn Security Services.

The city says Isborn previously had a personal merchant guard license, which was an old name for the security guard license before it was changed in 2018, that expired Oct. 22, 2019. He has not, according to city records, applied for an individual security guard license since that expiration.

There is nothing in the record indicating there was ever a disciplinary action against Matthew Isborn. There is no record of any disciplinary action against the previously issued Merchant Guard Company either.

According to records previously obtained by FOX31, Dolloff has never had a security guard license with the City and County of Denver.

An administrative investigation is currently underway to determine which, if any, companies involved could face repercussions.

“Any and all companies that are in the chain of responsibility, from the first company that’s hired by 9NEWS, all the way down to what may be the fourth, fifth, or how many companies that may be involved are responsible for having the employer license for security guards and the employee’s license,” Excise and Licenses Director of Communications Eric Escudero said. 

Escudero tells FOX31 the KUSA news station is not responsible administratively in this situation. 

“If you are a television station that hires a security guard company to provide security guard services, you are not administratively losing a license, getting fined administratively for making sure they have the required license,” Escudero said.