TELLURIDE, Colo. (KDVR) – It’s an idea that began in Alaska in backcountry ski camps.

“It’s to go in and spend a couple of nights in the backcountry in a relatively comfortable camp environment and do some backcountry skiing,” founder of Mountain Trip Bill Allen said.

It is remote, it is in an alpine environment and now it is in Colorado.

“We have beautiful terrain and it is a perfect venue to do this sort of thing,” Allen said.

The “sort of thing” to which he is referring is for the serious skier. It is the sort of trip founder and skier Allen would dream about.

It is an alpine camp at 12,000 feet. A helicopter flies in your gear. You ski up and tour the backcountry, then ski to Telluride down below.

“Yeah, exactly. Wouldn’t that be cool to do?” Allen asked. “So, we kind of put it together.”

It is not for beginners. You should know how to turn and how to ski, and if you do not know what “skinning” means, this trip is not for you.

“It should not be your first-time backcountry skiing,” Allen said.

Mountain Trip is not glamping, but Allen made it clear that it isn’t a “suffer fest” either.

“The tents will be set up all season, they are double-walled heated tents, cots and big warm sleeping bags, and we will have a dining tent,” Allen explained.

So, will chicken cordon-bleu and lobster quiche be on the menu? Probably not.

What will certainly be on the menu is all of the adventuring one can wolf down.