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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — A local moving company is rallying together to support survivors of violence. Employees at Two Men And A Truck are putting together care packages for women at a Boulder shelter for Mother’s Day.

On Sunday, many people will be taking their mothers out to eat and spoiling them for the holiday, but there are some that don’t have that opportunity because they’re fleeing from their abuser, are in hiding or have nowhere to go. But Two Men And A Truck are stepping up to make sure the group of vulnerable women are appreciated and celebrated on their day.

‘Everything that you need to start from scratch’

For the past month, Two Men And A Truck have been purchasing and collecting donations, organizing, and packing up Mother’s Day care packages for women at Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence, or SPAN. Soledad Diaz is the program director of the shelter.

“These care packages are so important for us,” Diaz said. “When you’re fleeing a situation, you’re not packing like when you pack for trips. They come to the shelter with what they’re wearing, so anything from undergarments to clothing, shoes, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, makeup, purses — everything that you need to start from scratch.”

Two Men And A Truck has been operating the “Movers For Moms” charity campaign for decades. Taylor Harshaw said it’s a special fundraiser that holds so much meaning.

“It sends a message of hope that we’re all part of a community, kind of like moving furniture,” Harshaw said. “It’s teamwork and a village and you’re not alone in this.”

Mother’s Day can be tough for moms in safehouses

The essential items have been stored in moving trucks and include items like shampoo, conditioner, hairbrushes, clothing, shoes, makeup, undergarments and more. Diaz told FOX31 the shelter serves men and women who are survivors of violence, sexual assault and human trafficking and Mother’s Day can be tough for the women.

“They need a safe place to stay,” Diaz said. “You are alone, probably in one of the most difficult times of your life and when you have your kids with you, you need to keep it together for them.”

Two Men And A Truck partnered with SPAN this Mother’s Day to ensure mothers feel celebrated, despite the circumstances they’re in.

“These care packages are so important for us,” Diaz said. “Even in the hardest of circumstances, we can still celebrate motherhood.”

Two Men And A Truck will be delivering the care packages on Friday, May 6, as an early Mother’s Day gift.