COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — They put their lives on the line to save others in the Club Q mass shooting, and now community members are hoping to show support for the two men hailed as heroes.

A 10-minute drive away from Club Q, bouquets and arrangements were starting to show up outside of Atrevida Beer company.

“I came down in order to show some support for Mr. (Richard) Fierro and appreciation for his actions this past weekend during that absolutely horrible tragedy,” community member Chris Coleman said.

“I have to get a Christmas present for someone in our family,” community member Debbie Allen said. “This is the brewery I choose, because this man is a huge hero to everybody in the community.”

Club Q shooting: 2 men hailed as heroes

Fierro and his wife, Jess, own Atrevida Beer Company. Police credit Fierro, an Army veteran, and Thomas James, a sailor with the Navy, for taking down the shooter.

“I’m astounded. I’m impressed with his selflessness in order to protect his family, his friends, and I just want to show my respect,” Coleman said.

Fierro, who served four tours in the military, was at Club Q with his family when the gunman opened fire.

“It’s the reflex. Go. Go to the fire. Stop the action. Stop the activity. Don’t let no one get hurt,” Fierro told reporters Monday. “He ended up killing my daughter’s boyfriend.”

Fierro’s daughter’s boyfriend was Raymond Green Vance. He’s one of the five people killed Saturday night in the Club Q shooting.

“I want those five families to know. That’s all I care about, I want those that are in the hospital right now, get better. Please get better,” Fierro said Monday.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced that President Joe Biden called Fierro to offer his condolences Tuesday.

“The president just moments ago spoke to Richard and his wife, Jess,” Jean-Pierre said. “Richard and Thomas are heroes and we are so grateful for their quick action. And there are no words, no words at all that can bring comfort to those who are grieving. But we stand with the community of Colorado Springs and the LGBTQ community.”