DENVER (KDVR) — A follow-up community meeting Wednesday morning in the East Colfax neighborhood has expectations for public safety officials on the agenda.

Last week, community leaders held a forum to express their demands to improve public safety in East Colfax.

The community demanded that public safety agencies return in a week’s time to share concrete plans to fix glitches in the 911 system, install high-powered cameras, increase foot patrols, investigate the cultural competency of 911 dispatchers responding to calls from the immigrant and refugee population, and ultimately to ensure resources are being directed to capture the perpetrators and bring justice for Ma Kaing.

Wednesday’s second public forum with law enforcement agencies hopes to hear their proposed plans to address the public safety issues raised by the community.

The meeting is scheduled to happen from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Hidden Brook Apartments.

What prompted the meeting?

The meeting comes after community leader and East Colfax Neighborhood Association Board Member, Ma Kaing, was shot and killed by an errant bullet while unloading groceries in front of Hidden Brook Apartments on July 15.

Four 911 calls made during the last few minutes of her life were misrouted to Aurora, something that Denver 911 Director Andrew Dameron said should never happen.

Recently Verizon Wireless has claimed responsibility for a cell tower in the area routing calls to Aurora instead, which could have contributed to the lengthy response times in this incident.