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COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Parks and Wildlife relocated two bull moose that were spotted in Colorado Springs and found their way near Interstate 25 on Friday.

In a video posted to CPW’s Twitter account, officers explained that they determined it was necessary to dart and relocate the moose to Teller County after they wandered close to major roadways, including I-25.

According to CPW’s social media posts, members of the public assisted as rangers blindfolded the moose and carried them to a livestock trailer to be relocated to better moose habitat in the mountains. Officer Drew Vrbenec explains the process in the video shared by CPW:

CPW said they believe this moose is 2 to 3 years old and weighs about 500 pounds. The two moose spent the day in Monument Creek, eating willows and relaxing in the water. As night fell, they became mobile and, unfortunately, headed towards the interstate.

CPW said that the community’s assistance was vital in getting the animals moved to safety.

“We couldn’t have done it without you!” reads the caption accompanying this incredible video of officers and residents assisting to haul the tranquilized moose to the trailer.

After being loaded into the trailers and removing the hobbles and blindfolds from the moose, Officer Vrbenec hosed them down with water — something CPW said calms the moose from the stress of the capture.

The two moose are safely on their way into the mountains far away from interstate highways, thanks to the hard work of the Colorado Springs community and CPW officers. You can watch the entire thread of videos of the rescue and relocation here.