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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Residents in a southeast Aurora neighborhood told FOX31, speed is a concern on their streets but maybe not so much so to get into a gunfight where a teenager ended up dead.

The neighborhood is quiet and calm, to folks who live here, like Josh Hallman.

“It is, it’s a great neighborhood, I’ve lived here for a while now and I loved it,” Hallman said.

After a teen was killed in a shootout with a former police officer, neighbors said they are concerned a common problem, speeding, could have triggered the confrontation.

“Traffic does come through here pretty quick,” Hallman said. “Oftentimes exceeding 50.”

Hallman’s home isn’t far from where the shooting happened Wednesday night on South Addison Way near Gun Club Road and E-470.

Hallman said people do worry about how fast drivers speed through.

“I’ve seen plenty of kids rolling through here going very, very quick,” Hallman said.

Aurora Police said the shooting happened after an argument between the teenager and former Greenwood Village police officer, allegedly about careless driving.

That confrontation escalated and police said both shot at each other.

“It was kind of a shock,” Hallman said.

Hallman added that any interest he had telling people to slow down, is gone.

“I’ve wanted to talk to people who go flying through here but now there’s no way I would ever say anything to anyone after what happened,” Hallman said.

Residents who talked to FOX31 said something as simple as speed bumps or speed tables on these streets might encourage drivers to drive slower.