Columbine survivor starts foundation to help troubled kids, prevent future shootings

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DENVER — A Columbine massacre survivor has started a foundation to help troubled children and try to prevent school shootings.

Craig Scott said the foundation, dubbed Value Up, focuses on issues like anxiety and suicide prevention in hopes of preventing future tragedies.

One of the main goals of the organization is to make sure students know they have great value — something that can be a challenge in the age of social media.

Scott survived the 1999 shooting by hiding under a table in the school library. His sister Rachel was killed.

“I’ve seen across the country after going to thousands of schools… students not really believing in their intrinsic value. And I’ve seen a lack of respect for human life,” Scott said.

Those feelings, he says, can lead to tragic circumstances.

Scott is trying to help teens understand social media can make them insecure.

He also says isolation can make them lonelier.

Scott emphasizes a key point: not being perfect is OK.

“If they see themselves as having incredible value, it changes what they choose in their life,” said Scott.

He feels Value Up is making a difference by turning pain into purpose.

Scott is also producing videos which he leaves with schools. They encourage kids to keep the conversation going.

His program has reached all of the schools in El Paso County.

He’s hoping to do the same for the schools in Douglas County as well.

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