DENVER (KDVR) – A portion of Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood is going to be getting a facelift this weekend as 10 artists take an alleyway and turn it into a permanent art exhibit.

This weekend is the annual Colorcon, which started in 2019 as an effort to give the alleyways in the neighborhood a makeover.

This year’s event is taking place in the alleyway next to 1299 Delaware St.

colorcon in denver
Previous Colorcon (Sean Walsh/Golden Triangle Creative District)

Colorcon 2022 – Reimagining 1299 Delaware St.

FOX31 spoke with Sean Walsh, a member of the Golden Triangle Creative District board, to discuss what attendees can expect from this year’s Colorcon.

This free event will kick off at 4 p.m. on Saturday and run until 7 p.m., during which $10 beer and wine tickets are available for purchase. If you plan to attend, you are asked to RSVP ahead of time.

Colorcon 2022 muralist works on piece for Saturday's reveal
Colorcon 2022 muralist works on a piece for Saturday’s reveal
(Sean Walsh/Golden Triangle Creative District)

According to Walsh, this is the GTCD’s biggest event of the year, the purpose of which is “to make alleyways in the neighborhood more vibrant, safe and welcoming.”

This year, the presentation of these murals will be supported by a performance from Denver-based musician, Kayla Marque.

Colorcon 2022 mural piece ahead of Saturday's reveal
Colorcon 2022 mural piece ahead of Saturday’s reveal
(Sean Walsh/Golden Triangle Creative District)

Muralists participating in Colorcon 2022

  • Koko Collab
  • Danielle Seewalker
  • Sofi Rami
  • Randy Segura
  • Katie Ziesmer and JVH Arts
  • Zach Howard (Esic)
  • Patrick Maxcy
  • Cya the Creator
  • Omar Chow

If you are interested in sponsoring a mural, there is still time to do so.

Alleyways Colorcon has previously given makeovers to

This year’s event is the fourth iteration of the event, and if you are interested in seeing some of the murals installed over that timeframe, here are the other locations where Colorcon has been held.

  • 2019: The alleyway between Sognar Creative Division and Artmando Silva
  • 2020: The Alleyway behind the 11th Avenue Hostel, at 1112 North Broadway
  • 2021: The alleyway behind 1056 Acoma St.

There are many events happening this weekend, but this will be a free event where you can witness some of the opening chapters of Denver’s latest artistic additions.