DENVER (KDVR) — In light of the near-record number of overall fatalities on Colorado’s roads, state officials said they’re implementing a comprehensive plan to address the rising trend in traffic fatalities. 

Over the last decade, traffic deaths in Colorado have been on the rise, and state officials are making it a priority to take action to reverse this trend. 

Colorado lost nearly 750 lives to traffic fatalities in 2022. This is the most roadway deaths in the state since 1981. 

CDOT and Colorado State Patrol will hold a press conference Monday morning at 11 a.m., to share the newly released 2022 fatality data, trends, and the state’s response to the growing number of lives impacted by roadway deaths. 

They said the numbers include record levels of motorcycle and pedestrian deaths as well.  

According to the state – their response includes the rollout of the “Advancing Transportation Safety Program,” which includes four key areas of focus:

  • Safe drivers
  • Safe people
  • Safe roads
  • Post-crash care

This is all increasingly important with more snow in the forecast, which means allowing yourself extra time on the roads and ditching the distractions.