DENVER (KDVR) — With 2023 on the horizon, some choose to make New Year’s resolutions, and Colorado is no different.

A study by job search website Zippia used Google Trends to find the resolutions people in each state are searching for most compared to other states.

Going to therapy topped the list nationally, with it being the top resolution in 12 states. The second most popular resolution was to lose weight, with eight states searching for that most.

Meeting new people was the most popular New Year’s resolution in Colorado.

Only one other state – Oklahoma – also had meeting new people as the top resolution.

A few resolutions were unique to a state, with New Mexico as the only state with “get a raise” as the top result, and “quit drinking” being the most popular resolution in South Dakota.

While saving money was not the top resolution in Colorado, it was the top resolution in Iowa, Mississippi and North Dakota.

Financial expert Andrea Worock spoke to FOX31 and said people who want to save money in the new year should set specific, manageable goals.

“Don’t just give yourself one big goal that could be overwhelming and hard to chip away at,” Worock said. “But maybe smaller goals along the way that are easier to achieve, give you quick wins and help you stay motivated.”