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LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — Sometimes an Outdoor Colorado adventure is not on the ground or on the water. Sometimes it is up in the air. 

It is an Outdoor Colorado adventure like no other. You hop in a basket, hang on and go straight up into the wild blue. There is nothing quite like it.

Being lighter than air, it is quite exhilarating, and maybe that is what keeps balloonist Ken Tadolini doing it.

“It’s very, very calming, very congenial, exciting,” said Tadolini.

For 42 years, Ken has been soaring the peaceful heavens with no sound but the occasional burst of heat from the burners to keep the gravity at bay.

A lot of thought and design, he said, goes into the basket, “The wicker is weaved and as it’s weaved it holds some strength, it gives a little bit of give when you land,” said Tadolini.

Tadolini has been taking paying passengers up in the big, blue yonder for 33 years. He owns and operates Rocky Mountain Hot Air.

Ken said there is nothing quite like the serene peace of mind up in the sky.