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DENVER — Could you survive 21 days in the wilderness with absolutely nothing to start?

One Colorado woman did just that in Mozambique on Discovery Channel’s hit show “Naked and Afraid.”

Brooke Wright is an avid hunter and conservationist in Colorado. For more about Brooke’s story you can watch this video produced by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

“Being naked on the show is truly the afraid part, because you are literally stripped of everything,” Wright said.

“I absolutely enjoyed taking on a 21-day challenge, it’s affectionately referred to as the Everest of survival challenges on Naked and Afraid,” Wright said. “It really allowed me to push myself further than I’ve ever been pushed in my entire life and take my survival skills to the next level.”

Wright’s husband, Matt, has successfully completed the show “Naked and Afraid” four times!

Brooke and Matt, who are both Colorado natives, own a company called Extreme Instinct and teach survival classes in Colorado.

You can watch the full episode of “Naked and Afraid” featuring Brooke on Discovery Go.