LONGMONT, Colo. (KDVR) — Emily Fiebig was born and raised in Longmont and has loved all things about the Centennial State including hiking, being outside, and, of course, the Denver Broncos.

“My mom raised me to love Jesus, coffee and the Denver Broncos,” Fiebig, a teacher at North Ridge Elementary School in Longmont, said.

But four years ago at just 26 years old, Fiebig’s life changed drastically. She said that she was at Easter lunch with her family. She wasn’t feeling well and by the time she got home and attempted to get out of the car, her legs wouldn’t move.

Her brother rushed her to the hospital and she has not been able to walk since.

“They diagnosed me with transverse myelitis,” Fiebig said.

After four years and all the doctors she has seen, she said she is now being treated for neuromyelitis optica.

“I call it the evil cousin of multiple sclerosis,” Fiebig said.

She said simple things she loved were taken away from her like the ability to get up to the mountains to hike, work out or even just walk her dogs.

“I loved walking the dogs. I still can, but it isn’t easy, I can’t keep up with them,” Fiebig said.

In August, Fiebig went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for the Electric Athlete Summit and tried out a life-changing bike she said brought her back freedom she thought was forever lost.

It is called the BOWHEAD RX Adventure-E Bike.

“I sent myself flying in this bike and it was [an] adrenaline rush I haven’t had for four years,” Fiebig said.

The bike has three wheels, two in the front and one in the back, and is built to be adaptive for people in similar situations as Fiebig.

“It’s like real hiking,” Fiebig said. “It can go over rocks and it has shocks in the suspension. It’s like a mountain bike and goes 20 mph.”

However, the bike comes with a high price tag of roughly $17,000, and she needs to purchase a trailer to tow it to the mountain trails. So, her best friend since high school, Shana Burrow, started a GoFundMe to hopefully make that purchase possible.

“This bike opened up a new world for her,” Burrow said.

If you’d like to donate to help Fiebig get this bike you can do so here.

“I think I have been living life just surviving and, after given this opportunity, I’ve learned that I can live life thriving and loving life with this bike,” Fiebig said. “I’ll be able to really do that with everything Colorado has to offer.”