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LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — Within the walls of AspenRidge Recovery, there are stories of redemption and healing.

Soon those success stories of overcoming addiction and trauma will go beyond those walls.

“Dropped a friend off here, and then a year later that person dropped me off here,” said Brian Green, former client and current outreach coordinator for the recovery center.

“I was taking out payday loans to get enough money to drink with,” Green said.

The center focuses on dual diagnosis, focusing on the roots of addiction, and addressing the trauma or underlying mental health issue that fuels it.

“I’m gonna be an alcoholic till I die,” Green said. “My demons are in the parking lot, doing pushups just waiting for me to mess up. And that community, this job, these people they keep me sober.”

Now that community will extend across Colorado. AspenRidge Recovery launched it’s REACH Program, an online outpatient treatment program. The first of it’s kind, according to CEO Ethan Castr

“This could be the first step in seeking treatment,” Castro said. “Castro: It doubles the amount of people who can access care on an outpatient basis in Colorado.”

Castro says they’ve seen a 20 percent bump in attendance since the program launched a month ago, relative to it’s in-person programs.

“I think Telehealth as a whole can put a huge dent in our mental health issues here in the country,” Green said.