DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado’s plan to reintroduce gray wolves on the Western Slope is moving forward now that the state has found a source for 10 wolves.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the state will partner with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

CPW said the wolves will be captured and relocated between December of this year and March 2024.

“We are deeply grateful for Oregon’s partnership in this endeavor, and we are now one step closer to fulfilling the will of the voters in time,” Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said.

According to a release Friday, CPW will be responsible for capturing the animals but will get assistance from Oregon in tracking them and sharing best practices.

“The wolves will come from northeast Oregon, where wolves are most abundant in the state and where removal of 10 wolves will not impact any conservation goals,” Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Curt Melcher said.

The wolves will be tested and treated for disease where they are sourced from, CPW said. They will also be collared and measured in the field in Oregon before being transported to Colorado in aluminum crates by truck or plane.

CPW said wolves with major injuries including broken teeth, missing eyes or limbs, mange and lice will not be part of the program.

“CPW will aim to capture and reintroduce an equal number of males and females. We anticipate that the majority of animals will be in the 1- to 5-year-old range, which is the age that animals would typically disperse from the pack they were born in,” CPW Wolf Conservation Program Manager Eric Odell said.