WINDSOR, Colo. (KDVR) – You don’t need a massive marching band to give a patriotic concert on Veterans Day.

A lone Windsor teenager used his trumpet for a solo concert to honor veterans.

In what’s become a tradition, Hugh Sutherland, 15, took to his front yard to perform for anyone who’d listen.

“Hugh has been playing in the neighborhood on holidays like July 4th, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day. Playing songs such as the Star Spangled Banner and Taps,” his father, Todd Sutherland, told FOX31.

The young musician uses his trumpet as a way to say thanks to those who’ve served. Service runs deep in the family. Hugh’s grandfather, father and brother have all been in the military.

“I think it’s the coolest-sounding instrument. The way it sounds is just like an amazing sound,” Hugh told FOX31.

We first heard about the 15-year-old’s concerts last memorial day from a neighbor who emailed FOX31, was moved by what he heard, and wanted to share the heartwarming performance with the rest of the community.

“[The neighbors] tell me that we’ve raised a good kid and he’s so patriotic and it makes us feel good,” Todd said.

Neighbors often gather outside the family home on patriotic holidays to hear Hugh’s music.