Colorado State Patrol gives Steve from ‘Blue’s Clues’ a run for his money

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DENVER (KDVR) — Last month, Steve Burns from Blue’s Clues appeared in a video posted by Nick Jr celebrating the 25th anniversary of the show. The video went viral.

Now, ahead of Halloween, the Colorado State Patrol shared a spinoff of the video featuring Trooper Josh Lewis.

“Hi, you got a second? Great! You all look amazing, by the way. Well, except for that guy in the way back,” shared Lewis.

Trooper Lewis continues the video by saying, “Remember when we were younger and Halloween was one of the greatest experiences of the year?” “It kicked off the holidays and you got to play pretend, and the candy! Oh man, the candy!”

The video continues and Trooper Lewis explains how our tastes have changed over time.

“Now we have responsibilities as grown ups and it’s actually really great, right,” shared Trooper Lewis. “Now that we have responsibilities, like driving, we really need to be careful around trick-or-treaters.”

Trooper Lewis said that it’s usually dark on Halloween and it’s difficult to see, so it’s really important to slow down and pay attention, not just on Halloween, but every day.

CSP said slowing down and scanning the road are good tips while driving through any neighborhood or busy downtown areas, but particularly important on a high pedestrian night filled with excited children that may or may not be practicing safety skills like using a crosswalk or crossing at an intersection. 

“Thanks for being our friend, thanks for listening, and thanks for helping keep pedestrians and other drivers safe this Halloween,” shared Trooper Lewis. “Oh, and it’s okay to like donuts more than candy now or you can put pieces of candy in your donut because there has to be an advantage to being a grown up.”

You can watch the full video above.

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