COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — Two men were found dead Friday afternoon less than a mile from the Colorado Springs Police Department.

The family of one of the men, identified as Qualin Campbell, said he was taken hostage. Campbell’s wife, Talija, said she called for help after her husband told her he was in trouble.

However, Talija Campbell and her civil rights Attorney Harry Daniels said police did not respond to that call for help and arrived after Qualin Campbell was dead.

The two men were found dead in a parking lot in the 1500 block of South Nevada Avenue in Colorado Springs. The Colorado Springs Police blotter said officers had been called to the location for a shooting and found two men dead. The men died in the middle of a parking lot outside several area businesses and fast food restaurants.

The call came in at 2:09 p.m.

One person who saw the surveillance video told FOX31 they saw the car pull up and then just sit there. The passenger door then opened.

FOX31 was told another man tried to save one of the men in the car.  

“He pulled him out and got him down on the ground and started CPR, but it was definitely too late,” said one witness who wished not to be identified.

Talija Campbell said nearly an hour before he was found dead, she had called 911 to report her husband had been taken hostage.

She said received a text message from him that said, “911″ and “Send Please!”

Talija Campbell said the message also included her husband’s location and a picture of the man who had allegedly taken him hostage.

The Harry Daniels Law Firm provided photos showing the men moments before and after they died.

Talija Campbell said she called 911 immediately, but no officers came until Campbell was found dead, having bled out from a gunshot to the abdomen roughly an hour later.

The family of Qualin Campbell released the news of his death, however, the El Paso County Medical Examiner has not officially released the names or causes of death of those in the car.

A spokesperson for the coroner referred FOX31’S questions regarding this case to the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Cody Oster saw the crime scene.

“I really didn’t figure out what was going on. Well, I figured out there was murder. But a lot of mystery,” Oster said.

FOX31 asked Colorado Springs Police for a comment.

“This is an ongoing criminal investigation and at this time we are not commenting beyond our original blotter release,” a Colorado Springs police spokesperson said.