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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A bride-to-be in Colorado Springs is accused of killing her fiance before they made it down the aisle.

Police said the woman became enraged over a potential guest at the wedding, KKTV reports.

According to arrest papers, 31-year-old Jacqueline Sousa called 911 to say her fiance Brandon Watkins was bleeding in their kitchen.

When police arrived, they found him dead on the kitchen floor, the bloody knife on the kitchen table.

She told investigators she thought her groom-to-be was having an affair and he wanted to invite the other woman to the wedding.

According to the arrest warrant, she initially told officers she was in a different room and found her fiance with a knife in his chest, and that she panicked, pulled it out and threw it on the kitchen table.

Neighbors can’t believe there was a homicide in the house next door.

“The police, as they come in and talk about what we’d heard and what we saw, … we began to see that something very serious had happened next door to our house in a quiet neighborhood,” neighbor Bob Spurgin said.

“To find out that that type of emotion can lead to that type of results that, it’s sad,” neighbor Anthony Hernandez said.