Colorado sees major price hike on majority of food items

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DENVER (KDVR) — You may have noticed the price of food at your grocery store has gone up over the past year, but it’s not your bread and milk that’s seen a price hike.

Statewide, Colorado has seen significant inflation over the past year on all goods, including gasoline and building materials. The price of food has gone up 2.2%, just in the past month.

“We haven’t seen those kinds of numbers in over a decade,” said Chris Howes, president of the Colorado Retail Counsel. 

According to Howes, the reasons for inflation over the past 15 months stem from transportation and gasoline costs, as well as recent wage increases for retail employees.

“There’s so much happening in the energy sector, starting with the blizzard that nearly shut down all of Texas,” Howes continued. “There are supply chain problems, and it’s very difficult to get products to market, including most appliances.”

The increase in food prices took its biggest jump last month. Beef is up 3.3% and pork is up 5%.

“You’ll really see it in meat,” Howes explained. “The bacon that you purchased last year is now more expensive than you are used to.”

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, pork saw the largest price increase from April of 2020 to April of 2021 with an almost 12% leap. Milk saw an almost 8% hike, while sugar and sweet items jumped 7%.

While the price hike is surely inconvenient for shoppers noticing the increase at their local grocery store, food organizations like the Food Bank of the Rockies have been slammed by the extra costs.

“We are purchasing more food than ever, now and during the pandemic,” said Erin Pulling, CEO of the Food Bank.

The Food Bank of the Rockies used to pay $2 million a year for food before the pandemic. Now, the organization pays $1 million every month.

“We are now paying up to triple what we had to pay previously for freight to get here to the Food Bank of the Rockies, so we can distribute food to people in need,” Pulling told FOX31. “We are hearing from people that we serve, people saying things like I have never needed help with food before now.”

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