Colorado Republican Party Chairman Ken Buck didn’t help Trump during Mueller questioning

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DENVER — Colorado Republican Congressman Ken Buck, who is also chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, did not help President Donald Trump during his questioning of Robert Mueller Wednesday.

Buck actually got Mueller to admit the president could be charged with a crime after he leaves the White House.

“Was there sufficient evidence to convict President Trump or anyone else of obstruction of justice?” Buck asked.

“We did not make that calculation,” Mueller said.

“How could you not have made the calculation?” Buck asked.

“Because the OLC, Office of Legal Counsel, indicates we cannot indict a sitting president,” Mueller responded.

“Could you charge the president with a crime after he left office?” Buck asked.

“Yes,” Mueller said.

“You believe you can charge the president with obstruction after he left office?” Buck asked.

“Yes,” Mueller reiterated.

Buck was critical of Mueller during the beginning of his questioning.

“As a former prosecutor, I’m also troubled with your legal analysis,” Buck said.

Democrats in Colorado quickly pounced on Buck’s line of questioning.

Democratic Party Chairwoman Morgan Carrol wrote a thank-you note to Buck.

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