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DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado drivers are mad, according to a new study by Forbes. 

The 2022 Forbes Advisor survey shows that some states’ drivers are more aggressive than others and Colorado is among the top.

Here’s the breakdown of the top 10 states:

1. Utah 100
2. Missouri 99.62
3. Colorado 94.74
4. Oklahoma 92.86
5. New Mexico 91.17
6. Nevada 89.66
7. Maryland 89.29
8. Indiana 89.1
9. Washington 88.91
10. Delaware 88.72

This is on a scale of 100.  

14% of drivers say they were followed by another driver who got out of their car to yell at or fight with them. 46% report being insulted or threatened by other drivers. 25% of drivers say they know someone who sustained injuries after a road rage incident. 

Some instances of road rage may be relatively harmless, but other forms can have far more severe consequences.  

When people are mad how far are they willing to go?

  • 63% honked in frustration
  • 62% tailgated
  • 45% made rude or offensive gestures
  • 43% cut off another car on purpose
  • 37% yelled, insulted driver, cursed at them or made threats
  • 36% exceeded the speed limit to block car from changing lanes
  • 8% followed the driver, then got out of their vehicle to yell at or fight with driver
  • 6% bumped, rammed into or otherwise damaged a car on purpose
  • 5% forced a driver’s car off the side of the road
  • 3% pointed a gun at a driver or shot at driver
  • 15% participated in none of the above

KDVR/KWGN has reported on many possible road rage incidents that result in shootings.