Colorado physical therapist offers free screenings for COVID-19 long-haulers

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR) — A Fort Collins physical therapist is offering free screenings to any patient concerned they may be battling with COVID-19 long haul symptoms.

“The common thing we are seeing with long-haulers is difficulty breathing with the rib cage, either because of anxiety or fear or just from being immobilized for a while if they were bed ridden, they get stiff,” said Terry Gebhardt with Colorado in Motion. “That’s where we really shine, is opening things up and getting the patient moving better to help be pain free.”

The free screenings include a timed up and go test, a six-minute walk test, a sit-to-stand test, a functional outcome survey and a check of vitals .

“The medical system does a lot of damage by throwing labels on patients. ‘Long-haulers’ does not sound good,” said Gebhardt. “What we do is downplay the label and go back to the good news, which is helping you move better.”

As part of the core team for treating long-hauler patients, physical therapists at Colorado in Motion provide treatments that include attainable goals with increased exposure that help patients build strength, stamina, and return to their normal lives. Gebhardt says patients suffering from long COVID are often so foggy, fatigued, or in pain they can barely get through the day.

“The big thing is a lot of people assume they have to live with it and this is the way things are. We are here to let them know there is hope and treatment options. We have a unique skill set to address these issues,” said Gebhardt.

If you’re interested in getting a free screening, call Colorado in Motion at (970) 221-1201.

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