DENVER (KDVR) — As visitors increase in Colorado’s national parks, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is encouraging their #KnowBeforeYouGo policy.

The policy is based on getting visitors to plan ahead for their next visit to the national parks.

CPW has a list of what to prepare for on your next trip to the parks:

  • Anticipate what you will need for your activity and know your limits.
  • Know which public lands allow dogs on trails, and which don’t.
  • Know how to handle wildlife encounters. Understanding how to coexist with wildlife is an important part of a safe recreation experience.
  • Plan for where you will park and have alternatives.
  • Stay on the trail. Walk through mud to avoid widening the trail and damaging resources.
  • Be careful with fire. Know that a fire can start from the smallest spark or prolonged heat on dry tinder. Remember to check local fire bans or restrictions.
  • Review agency rules and regulations before heading to the trailhead as individual areas may have special restrictions or guidelines.

To learn more about CPW guidelines, click here.