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BRIGHTON, Colo. (KDVR) — Colorado Parks and Wildlife is looking to fill over 40 openings as soon as possible. These are full-time park ranger jobs and game warden jobs, all you need is a four-year degree.

Ask a friend how they like their job, and they will say sarcastically, “I’m living the dream.” Ask Michelle Seubert that question and she will say the same, but she means it. She is a park ranger for CPW.

“I love my job as a park manager because I get to teach people about the outside,” said Seubert.

Seubert has been a park ranger for over 20 years and said CPW is looking for a few good men and women.

“We have a park ranger [position] which is stationed in parks, or we have a district wildlife manager [position] which are in 18 areas across Colorado,” said Seubert.

Frank McGee is a law enforcement training manager for CPW and said their hiring process has been fast-tracked.

“We’ve tried to make our hiring process a little bit smoother and quicker and more streamlined than we have in the past. It used to take us seven months to hire for these positions, but this year we’re hoping to get that done in a month and a half,” said McGee.

Both park ranger and district wildlife manager positions are law-enforcement positions. Twenty-one weeks in the law enforcement academy is in order, which is just fine for Nathan Bolton who right now is a CPW seasonal worker.

“One is to learn more about what I would be doing as a full-time officer, a law enforcement officer, and to get to see different parks across the state,” said Bolton.

Applicants must take a written and physical test, pass a background check and have a four-year degree in any discipline to qualify. Allowing you to put that theme park technology degree, finally, to good use.