DENVER (KDVR) — In a state full of natural wonders to explore, one of the four national parks of Colorado was named in the top 10 best to visit this summer, according to Trips To Discover.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison has some of the steepest cliffs and oldest rocks in North America, and it spans 48 miles and reaches depths of over 2,700 feet.

Erosion from 2 million years of water flowing in the ancient Gunnison River cut the steep rock cliffs that make up the canyon today. Those rock walls are perhaps some of the only walls that can talk, and the layers of metamorphic rock tell the story of about 1.8 billion years.

Because of the steep walls, not much sunlight gets through. The shadows on the walls give it a deep and dark appearance, hence the name Black Canyon.

It makes for a scenic drive along the rims and down to the river, with views of wildlife in a unique vertical environment.

You can even catch a trout dinner for the family in the Gunnison River, which is designated as Gold Medal Water and Wild Trout Water.

Hiking trails of all difficulty levels offer the opportunity to really experience the park’s wonders up close and personal. With the right permits, you can even immerse yourself in the inner depths of the canyon that are designated as wilderness areas.

The canyon is dark during the day, but beyond the park are some of the darkest night skies in Colorado. It is certified as an International Dark Sky Park, where you can see thousands of stars that are not visible in urban areas.

The park is located in the southwestern portion of the state near Delta and Montrose. Thanks to its remote location it sees relatively few visitors, according to Trips to Discover.