DENVER (KDVR) — Coloradans will be able to use paid sick time for more reasons starting in August.

Colorado lawmakers passed a law this year to expand the reasons employees can use state-required paid sick leave. Sen. Faith Winter and Reps. Jenny Willford and Junie Joseph, all Democrats, were the prime sponsors.

The new law adds two provisions to what’s allowed for paid sick leave, according to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment:

  • Bereavement, or financial/legal needs after a death of a family member
  • Due to inclement weather, power/heat/water loss or other unexpected event, the employee must evacuate their residence or care for a family member whose school or place of care was closed.

This adds to what else paid sick leave can be used for in Colorado:

  • Inability to work due to a mental or physical illness, injury or health condition.
  • Obtaining preventive medical care (including vaccination), or medical diagnosis/care/treatment.
  • Needs due to domestic abuse, sexual assault or criminal harassment, including medical attention, mental health care or other counseling, legal or other victim services or relocation.
  • Care for a family member who needs the sort of care listed above.
  • During a PHE, a public official closed the employee’s workplace or the school or place of care of the employee’s child.

A separate provision that required supplemental paid time off for COVID-19 diagnoses and other related needs is no longer in effect. That ended on June 8.

The expanded employee benefit takes effect Aug. 7.

Paid sick leave is required in Colorado

All employers are required to provide an hour of accrued paid sick leave per 30 hours worked, up to 48 hours a year, according to the CDLE. This applies to all workers, including part-time or temporary, except for federal government and some railroad employees.

Employers can ask for documentation for an employee to use paid sick leave, but only for absences that last four or more consecutive days, according to the CDLE. Such documentation can be provided once the leave is over.