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DENVER (KDVR) — As the Russian attack on Ukraine continues, the list of items needed by the Ukrainian people continues to grow. 

At his metro Denver home, Andy Lenec pours over a list sent to him by a doctor back in Ukraine. 

“This is a growing list,” he said. “And these are just the priority items.”

From stretchers to splints to bandages, items are in short supply in the country, with Russian troops surrounding cities and making the movement of goods difficult. 

“It’s horrifying,” Lenec said. “It’s one of the reasons I’m working as hard as I can because somebody has to.”

Lenec’s parents were born in Ukraine, and he has many friends and family in the country after serving there in the Peace Corps. 

Now, he’s working with Ukrainians of Colorado to launch a new fundraiser. 

“One of the immediate needs there is for medical supplies,” he said. “The need is really beyond measure.”

The nonprofit is teaming up with another Colorado-based nonprofit, Project Cure, to send medical supplies and more to the country. 

Project Cure normally sends cargo shipments by boat but will be trying to send these supplies by plane in the interest of time. 

Those shipments will contain a number of kits, which can quickly be passed out to people in Ukraine. 

“They are working together and fighting against immense odds, and here we are, we need to do the same thing,” Lenec said. “This is a human crisis.”

They’ve set a fundraising goal of $100,000, and hope Coloradans can help them reach it