CENTENNIAL, Colo. (KDVR) — The 50,000 square-foot Project CURE warehouse in Centennial is packed full of medical supplies donated by hospitals, manufacturers, and other Coloradans.

The nonprofit distributes the supplies to communities in need around the world, and that includes the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

Doug Jackson, the president and CEO, says he got a list of requests.

“What they are asking for are things like big Stryker gurneys, things like this, surgical instruments that they need to do surgeries, and we do have those in this warehouse, and as soon as we get that list cleared, they’ll put them on an airplane and get them over there, 24 maybe 48 hours from now,” Jackson said.

Since the supplies are needed quickly, they will go by air.

“We do a lot of things LTL, that’s less than a load, on an airplane. So, we’ll package some of this up and put it underneath United, Lufthansa, Virgin, and we’ll get it over that way,” Jackson said.

The shipment, he believes, can help doctors and nurses save lives. It’s a mission he is dedicated to. 

“We are very familiar with what goes on in that part of the world and we’ll continue to be there,” Jackson said.

If you are interested in helping, you can volunteer, donate supplies or cash through the website.