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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — National Park Rangers are trying to figure out who graffitied a “promposal” on the Colorado National Monument outside of Grand Junction.

Ranger Frank Hayde took three pictures of the damage, and says the vandalism was reported on May 23rd by someone who lives near the site.

Hayde says the graffiti is still up because preservationists need to analyze the damage, and make sure there aren’t any historic works of art, like subtle paintings, that have been damaged due to the message.

They will have a meticulous plan to take the graffiti off, so they do not further damage the monument, according to Hayde.

According to federal law, the National Park Service can apply a maximum penalty of 6 months in prison and a $5,000 fine for this kind of vandalism. Hayde says the will be far “more lenient” with those charges if the culprit decides to come forward.

Vandalism at local parks is something City of Boulder’s Ranger Operations Supervisor Geoff Jasper is all too familiar with.

“It is incredibly frustrating,” Jasper said. “We know that most people come here, and visit the parks because of their natural beauty, or habitat or the natural qualities that the park has, and then seeing something like graffiti or vandalism, it really detracts away from the beauty of the park.”

Jasper says the crews try to eliminate any graffiti or vandalism on trails within 24 hours of them receiving a report. Sometimes Jasper says the vandalism is hard to reach, considering they need to carry cleaning equipment like water packs and hoses to remote locations.

Anyone with information is encourages to leave a tip with the visitor’s office at 970-858-3617 ext. 360.