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DENVER — Mosques across Colorado are increasing security indefinitely following a terror attack targeting Muslims in New Zealand. Muslim leaders say threats are common and they can’t take any chances.

Outside the largest mosque in Colorado, Masjid Abu Bakr off South Parker Road, there’s increased law enforcement and private security. Half a world away, what happened in Christchurch has led to worry and anxiety for Colorado Muslims.

“If something happens to one, it happens to all of us,” said Iman Jodeh of the Colorado Muslim Society.

Jodeh says police officers and sheriff’s deputies were stationed inside and outside her mosque following the attack in New Zealand.

“They went out of their way to make sure that they provided a female lieutenant to stand with the women worshipers as they entered,” she said.

A high level of security is, unfortunately, a new reality, Jodeh explained. For the protection of worshipers, details on increased measures have been kept private. There are more security professionals on site at mosques across Colorado amid growing tension and threats, officials said.

“It’s becoming more commonplace, and we need to stand together in solidarity to say, ‘Not in my name,'” Jodeh said.

Besides extra security, mosque leaders say overall vigilance has been key to alerting to potential threats. Worshipers have been adhering to that common advice from law enforcement of, “hear or see something, say something.”