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FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Fly fishing is a pretty common activity in Colorado during any season, and if you’re heading down the Arkansas River you can expect to see a few people out enjoying the sport.

What you probably would not expect to see is a man casting out from a moving sheet of ice in February!

Morgan Pierce sent FOX31 video of her husband, Cody Pierce, fly fishing from a sheet of ice floating on the Arkansas River.

“We’ve got kids, he’s cautious. He knew it was safe. It’s just for fun,” Morgan Pierce said.

Cody Pierce said the ice hit a few boulder on the way, but he managed to stay afloat.

“The ice would just go around them,” he said, adding, “It’s good to be with nature and get that outdoor therapy!”

His wife said the adventure provided a much-needed laugh.

“It’s been a crazy, dark year. Laugh where you can,” Morgan Pierce said.