DENVER (KDVR) — A 22-year-old man from Colorado is missing after he set sail off the coast of Massachusetts at the end of September, the United States Coast Guard Northeast office said.

The Coast Guard said Matthew Dennis left Salem, Massachusetts, toward Florida on Sept. 22 in a 28-foot white fiberglass sailboat. The Coast Guard said he was last heard from on Sept. 29 off the coast of Long Island, New York.

First reported by WPRI, Dennis posted on YouTube that he’s from Colorado and he recently decided to sell everything and buy a boat to live on. He says in the post, “This is my first time single handling something this big, and I’m definitely in way over my head.” He also points out that he possibly broke his arm but hopes it’s just a sprain, which would make the trek an even bigger challenge.

Dennis gives a tour of the small watercraft and mentions how he’s going to do his best to avoid Hurricane Ian on the open water.

The Coast Guard’s Northeast office is asking anyone with information to contact them at 617-223-8555.