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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — It is estimated that every day, an average of 12 kids enter the foster care system in Colorado. One group that works to lessen that number is joining forces with a county leader, looking to help kids in the system by raising awareness.

When you think about Colorado license plates, the thousands of foster families in Colorado may not be the first thing that comes to mind. The Foster Source is hoping to change that.

“Not everybody can foster. Everybody can do something to help. Just continuing to think of those families,” said the organization’s executive director, Renee Bernhard.

The group is now partnering with Adams County District 2 Commissioner Chaz Tedesco to start the process of getting a special license plate. A portion of the money from the plates would go toward supporting foster families. 

“When he asked us to partner with him, of course we jumped for joy. Of course, it would be cool to have this but just for what it could do for recruitment and retention for foster care in Colorado is huge,” said Bernhard.

For Tedesco, the project is personal.

“I was put into foster care with my sister who had been living with my mother for a while until I was born and then we were put in together. We were adopted together, which was awesome!” he said.

Tedesco said he grew up with a great family. Now, he is passionate about making sure other kids have that same experience. He and Foster Source need 3,500 signatures on their petition to move forward in seeking approval by the state.

“We’re just asking to give us a chance to get this through the state, get it approved and then send it to the state Legislature so they can approve it and put it out. They way we’ve done this, because we’ve gone through a 501(c), there is no additional fiscal responsibility for the state, which should help get this license plate through the Legislature,” Tedesco said.

The group is hoping to gain enough signatures before lawmakers go back in session this February.

They believe the effort will have enough bipartisan support to materialize. If you are a Colorado resident, you can help by signing up online.