DENVER (KDVR) — If you’re looking for a getaway this summer that won’t bust your budget, travel experts say there are plenty of options here in Colorado.

Willis Orlando with Scott’s Cheap Flights says now is the time to book hotels if you are looking to travel in the summer months.

“If you’ve been wanting to do that downtown Denver getaway to experience the city in a really great way, prices for hotels are still quite low,” Orlando said.

Orlando suggests visiting less popular National Parks in our state to avoid crowds, such as Gunnison National Park and Mesa Verde, adding many smaller mountain towns often offer good rental rates in the summer.

“You can go up to the old ghost towns, you can head up and learn about the history, you’re going to find that rates are quite discounted,” Orlando said.

If you are looking to travel out of state, Orlando says travel days that offer the best rates are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. He suggests slightly off the beaten path tropical destinations for a cheaper rate, such as flying from Denver to Panama City.

“Just because average prices are rising, doesn’t mean you have to pay that price, if you’re savvy and keep an eye out for good deal,” Orlando said.  “Just be patient, be prepared and strike when the iron is hot.”

Orlando recommends booking domestic flights one to three months out and international trips at least two to five months out.