Colorado firefighter stuck in Mexico hospital after medical complications; hospital billing family but not providing treatment

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LAFAYETTE, Colo.– The people closest to him have nothing but good things to say about Jason Oliver.

“He’s dedicated his entire life to serving others,” said his close friend Scott Stephenson.

But the army veteran turned paramedic firefighter now finds himself on the receiving end of service and giving.

Oliver took his wife Maigan on an anniversary vacation to Cancun Mexico over the weekend, when he started developing troubling symptoms. They took him to a local hospital.

“They did find some spots on his CT scan his brain was bleeding,” Maigan Oliver said. “They then said it’s gonna be $6,000 a day to be in ICU.”

Oliver says they haven’t treated her husband, or offered adequate explanation or a plan for treatment, only that they had to keep him at the hospital for 7 to 10 days, and kept giving them a daily bill.

“It feels like it’s extortion,” Oliver said. “You know my husbands got this going on and I’m scared to death, and they can tell I’m scared to death.”

Meanwhile, their friends and family in Colorado feel helpless.

“The biggest struggle that we’re facing right now is getting the doctor in Mexico to admit they don’t have the ability to treat Jason the way he needs to be treated,” Stephenson said.

“All they’re doing is watching him,” said Lafayette Fire Chief David Friedel. “They’re not treating him.”

A close friend reached out to Congressman Pearlmutter’s office, which reached out to the US Consulate. Now the hospital will conduct a new scan Tuesday, to give doctors in the states more insight into Jason’s condition.

Oliver says they want to find a way to transport her husband to the states, but would need the hospital to sign off. She says they aren’t cooperating.

Meanwhile, a close friend created a GoFundMe to help the Olivers pay for the bills.

Other local charity groups have even pooled together money to fly more relatives to Cancun, to help Maigan support her husband as they try to bring him home.

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