HENDERSON, Colo. (KDVR) — At the Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary in Adams County, hundreds of animals are given a second shot at life.

From abuse to neglect to abandonment, Andrea Davis says her animals have seen it all. 

But this summer, she said they’re dealing with another obstacle — flooding. 

“I had to get full boots that went to my knees because that’s how deep the mud was in some places,” Davis said. “Really, the whole sanctuary was affected by this.”

Davis said the issue isn’t just historic rainfall, but a decision made by their former next-door neighbors, who she said built a 5-foot berm.

“They essentially built up 5 feet out of the flood plain, so it essentially blocked all the water,” Davis said. “So not only was the water raining on that property and back-flowing onto ours on top of the water we were already getting, it stopped all the water that was flowing down and basically trapped it right on our property.”

Davis said they were thrilled when the property went up for sale, and they’re working toward buying it.

There’s just one catch: They need to raise $10,000 by Thursday to close on Friday.

“We’re asking the public to do something huge for us, and I know it’s a big ask,” she said. “Hopefully, we can make up that shortage by Friday, close on the property, and it’s ours forever.”