DENVER (KDVR) — The Eastern Plains saw more than 20 inches of snow in some areas on Tuesday. The snow fell in one of the areas in Colorado that needed it most.

Bethune picked up 23 inches of snow on Tuesday, with a total of 20 inches in Burlington. A snow band formed from converging winds over the area, boosting totals.

The current drought tracker that does not include the snow that fell Tuesday shows severe to extreme drought on the Eastern Plains. Kit Carson County, where some of the biggest snow totals were, has half of the county under extreme drought conditions.

Below are some of the impacts seen from severe to extreme droughts. Eastern Colorado has a lot of ranches and farms that are impacted by many of these factors.

The next drought monitor that will include all of Tuesday’s totals will be released next Thursday and will likely show some big improvements to the drought on the far Eastern Plains, thanks to the big snowfall totals.