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JOHNSTOWN, Colo. (KDVR) — A mixed breed, 13-year-old dog made history in Colorado. She is the first dog in the state to win the American Kennel Club grand championship in agility.

While she may not look like it and she may not sound like it, Dan Daru learned what makes Katie such a special champion.

Coming in at just about 10 pounds and 91 dog years old, Katie the underdog beat them all.

“The agility course is like an obstacle course for your dog. There are jumps, there are tunnels, there are weave poles that everybody likes, they wiggle through,” Alison Day, Katie’s owner and handler, said.

The blue ribbon first place prize was awarded to Katie in July, and it is actually bigger than this little champ herself. While she may not be able to physically wear it with pride, owner Alison Day could – if she wanted to.

“It is not an easy thing, and she is the first dog in Colorado to do it. I don’t know about odds but I know it takes her being a consistent dog on the agility field,” Day said.

Katie is a mixed breed dog and AKC is known for only allowing purebreds to compete. So how was she allowed to compete?

“The American Kennel Club started allowing mix breed dogs to compete in agility I think in 2014,” said Day.

Now, back at home, where does this little snow white champ go from here?

Anywhere she wants.