Colorado Dog Academy aims to train, adopt out unwanted pets

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Animal shelters throughout Colorado are inundated with dogs that are simply unwanted by their owners. Too much barking, not being house trained and anxiety issues are common reasons.

There is a dog trainer in Broomfield that has been trying to make a dent in unwanted dogs for over 40 years. Problem Solvers want to know exactly how he is doing this.

Pat Andreason, founded Colorado Dog Academy 41 years ago, “It’s something I thought I really would enjoy, working with the animals.”

Since 1978 Colorado Dog Academy has trained hundreds of thousands of dogs.

Andreason has seen what becomes of dogs that are not taught the basic lessons of life. “They start out as cute little puppies that everybody wants to have and then they turn up a year later, well, they are a pain in the neck. We’ve got this excuse or that excuse and bingo, they’re off in an animal shelter.“

Over the years, Andreason developed a method and a philosophy when it comes to dog training. “We all think that we love our dogs but if you really love your dog you really need it need to be able to communicate with your dog and that can only happen if you properly train your dog.“

“There are certain puppy tests that you can do that will give you an indication as to what type of genetic tendencies they may have towards aggressive behavior, dominant behavior and all these factors should be considered especially if you have children.”

Andreason says to look at the pup’s behavior with other dogs. Is it aggressive, middle of the road, or passive? What the dog as a puppy exhibits now will reflect on his personality as he grows up.

“Teaching it it’s name, getting a good positive connection there, start on some crate training,” advises Andreason.

And of course, “Start learning where to go to urinate and defecate, hopefully outdoors not inside.“

Sounds simple, but they’re not. It takes time, repetition, and patience, and, Andreason says, a lot of love.

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