Colorado company helping marijuana shops increase video surveillance amid rise in burglaries

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FORT LUPTON, Colo. — Marijuana shop break-ins are on the rise and the thieves are getting more brazen, but one local company is trying to prevent the burglaries by offering to monitor dispensaries in real time.

Danney Goracke is the president of Secure Shield Enforcement Solutions. They monitor 25 facilities with 400 cameras.

What we tried to do here in our Fort Lupton facility is create a surveillance experience similar to what the casinos have,” Goracke said. “That allows us to provide remote monitoring for facilities throughout the Colorado area. We monitor, we basically watch the cameras 24/7 to look for compliance related issues, break-ins, thefts, keeping the property safe.”

Their service came in handy on Oct. 4 when four suspect in two cars tried to break into a shop in Northglenn. Goracke said staff members were monitoring the shop when they saw two vehicles drive up.

“Out popped four individuals that were masked, completely covered head to toe,” he said. “We were able to get on with police department as soon as possible and they were able to get there and thwart the activity and apprehend two of the four suspects.”

Brittany Moe, the sales manager at Secure Shield Enforcement Solutions said watching the facilities in real time allows them to reach law enforcement quickly, and hopefully stop any criminal activity from happening.

She said the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division recommends also making sure locks, safes and cameras are working properly.

“Many break-ins have been stopped due to security measures being in place,” she said.

Secure Shield Enforcement Solutions also has a network set up where members can share information with each other to hopefully prevent crimes from happening.

“With this type of service, they are able to ensure their assets are fully protected, their employees, their product, their money,” Goracke said. “It allows them to further grow their business.”

If you know anything about the suspects from that attempted break-in, call our partners at Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP.

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